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How do you fill the need while keeping workers productive?

Our digital training solutions make you the hero


New technology causes disruption

Your firstline workforce needs technology to do their job, which inevitably means they need training. Whether it’s a new tech solution or trying to improve adoption with an existing tool, these workers need help to be as productive and efficient as possible for the long term.

Yet you’ve surely had the pushback that these workers can’t be out of the field for fear of disrupting operations. And your traditional training methods may not apply to some of the emerging tech solutions being introduced into the workforce. So how do you ensure a competent workforce with as little downtime as possible?

Enable training on-the-go

Venado can help

Our tech-based training solutions help you solve a few problems:

  • Training is incorporated into the tech solution itself, so workers can learn in the field with as little downtime as possible
  • Our solution is tailored to the technology your workers are using, so they get exactly the training and coaching they need
  • The training will always be part of the tool to help workers on an ongoing basis to ensure long-term adoption and engagement
  • As veteran employees age into retirement, digital training solutions makes new employee onboarding quicker and easier

In short, you’ll be able to offer the right training solutions to fit your specific workforce and their exact toolset, to get operations leaders the results they need without disrupting operations.

The Benefits of Digital Training

Why Your Firstline Workers Aren't Using Digital Tech The Right Way—And How to Fix It
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