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How do you keep your head above water?

Let’s work together to achieve your goals


How do you do it?

You’re managing your team daily, working on your next release, trying to manage critical demands from the business side—all while making sure the lights stay on. Everyone needs something from IT, but you have limited resources and too many priorities to juggle.

Do you have the resources you need to support your field service and operations team? Just as important: do you have a seat at the strategic table when it comes to applying technology to field worker challenges?

Innovate for success

Venado can help

Any company that thinks they can replace you and your team doesn't get it. We join forces with IT departments like yours to deliver business-critical solutions reliably.

Facing a daunting challenge from the business side? Need help prioritizing your huge list of initiatives? Our specialty is matching business objectives with technology strategy, spending time with field workers to understand their needs and processes, then providing the right expertise to work with your team and deliver the best solution possible.

The Benefits of Digital Training


"Venado is very good at providing mobile expertise in relation to existing architecture at an enterprise and identifying how to integrate a new mobile platform with the existing technology stack at a company."

Customer Experience Strategy, Gas Utility Customer

A guide to "marriage counseling" for IT and Business Leaders

Although we at Venado are generally known for helping enterprises create technology solutions, what we really do is help IT and business leaders solve business problems together using technology. We've come to think of this engagement as a form of "marriage counseling" between IT teams and line-of-business teams within a company.

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