VECTOR3 is an enterprise mobile app prioritization solution that allows large companies to harness the exploding demand for mobile. Smarter, Faster, Easier.

mobile app prioritization solution

App Prioritization without Chaos

The accelerating demand for mobile is leaving IT organizations massively overloaded and underfunded. On average, they are facing:

·  730% more mobile app requests
·  Up to 20 mobile apps in the backlog
·  37% of the budget spent on unused features, which amounts to $30 billion in wasted IT dollars (U.S. alone)

VECTOR3 eliminates this chaos by providing a strategic foundation for deciding what applications to deliver, with which features, in what order with the highest value. The solution calculates net value-to-cost relationships and puts that insight at IT leaders’ fingertips. In an intuitive, efficient format.

With less complexity, time and waste in the planning and dev process, enterprises can now:
·  Accelerate decisions around highest-value features,
·  Easily map those features into releases,
·  Create business value on-point with existing resources, and
·  Leverage new opportunities at the speed of mobile

App Prioritization without Chaos

How VECTOR3 Works

In VECTOR3 IT leaders can collect and log details around new mobile apps and feature requests. The app prioritization solution calculates and scores these features based on effort, risk factors and benefits – then creates a “Magic Quadrant-style” visualization of these relationships. App prioritization made super simple.

Users can easily drag and drop features into meaningful release cycles, even when there are multiple app requests from competing stakeholders. That means less time spent justifying decisions with stakeholders, and more time spent on tasks that really matter.

VECTOR3 Features

Role-based dashboards streamline workflow and ensure objective input by showing users only what they need to see. The Admin, Analyst or Developer can view relative information for a feature based on their contribution to the project.

Feature Chart
A visual Feature Chart shows net value of all project features. Features with the greatest value and lowest effort appear at the top right of the chart. Users can easily zoom in, hover to view details, export a copy and more.

Each feature gets a priority score (VScore) based on the cost to develop in relation to business benefits. This score is then used to easily sequence features for development with highest net value relative to cost at the top.

Change Logs
The software improves traceability by tracking and recording all changes made to data, including when a feature was re-sequenced and by whom.

Effort (cost) Ranges
Developers can enter low/high effort ranges to determine the cost of development. The solution helps identify estimates with a greater range, thereby showing greater risk in the estimate.

Benefit Ranges
Analysts and/or Customer Administrators can accurately estimate value by entering a low/high range for the business benefits of each feature.

Users create releases based on desired budget, time frames, feature sets and more. Releases can be numbered, sequenced and defined to simplify product planning and keep strategy front-and-center.

Drag and Drop
Easily drag and drop features into a release, or move features from one release to another without the administrative mess.

Save time by providing “what if” scenario evaluations, or create a project template with foundational tasks, such as authentication, security, database, etc., which can be cloned to simplify the building of new projects.

Automated Cost and Benefit Calculations per Release
A subtotal line shows an automated calculation of effort, cost and benefit for each release. Each time a new feature is added or removed, the system recalculates the totals by release, enabling project managers to accurately plan release cycles.

Mobile Apps...Smarter, Faster, Easier

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