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Monday Morning Mobile Minute Blog

MMMM #43 - It's a lifecycle, build it that way

In the 43rd Monday Morning Mobile Minute of the year, Justin covers the challenges with the typical approach to project funding and planning and suggests a different approach to address #DigitalEvolution.
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MMMM #42- Enhance

The enhance phase of a Digital Evolution includes the analyze, evaluate, and refresh steps and is necessary to circle back to the innovate phase to re-prioritize remaining capabilities.
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MMMM #41- Run

The next phase in a Digital Evolution is run, and it's where your preparation and hard work come to fruition. The steps in the run phase include test, deploy, and sustain.
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MMMM #40 - Create

In a Digital Evolution, the create phase follows a successful innovate phase and is when you MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Steps include design, develop, and integrate.
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MMMM #39 - Innovate

The innovate phase in a Digital Evolution is one of the most important because you focus strategically on business outcomes and make decisions about your approach.
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MMMM #38 - Innovate, Create, Run, Enhance

The innovation process isn't what we think it is, and if we don't rethink our approach, we can't innovate. The 4 phases of the life cycle are innovate, create, run, and enhance.
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MMMM #35: Don't Ask Users for Input

Don't ask users for input. (Just kidding!) Well, kind of. This week, Justin challenges you to look outside the box of how you've traditionally asked for input regarding technology. He breaks down how to request feedback, who you should pursue for feedback, and how a twist on tradition will yield bet...
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MMMM #32: The Convergence of IT & OT

In the 32nd Monday Morning Mobile Minute of 2018, Justin talks about how connectivity, miniaturization, and other tech advancements are bringing operational technology and information technology together. It's a positive step, although not without (solvable) challenges.
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MMMM #31: What's Operational Technology?

We're talking a lot about "OT" these days. And no, we don't mean occupational therapist, we mean operational technology. Operational technology is the technology that helps businesses operate and function. Get the scoop on what OT means for your business and the challenges it's creating.
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