A Path to Digital Evolution

Innovate – Create – Run – Enhance

Digital innovation doesn’t have to be about massive culture change overnight. However, companies will have to shift their culture over time to be successful innovators. The term “digital transformation” is often used to describe the mindset that enterprises must undertake to be successful in the digital age. However, at Venado, we believe success is an evolution rather than a transformation. Our role is to help customers on their journey towards digital innovation. We believe that “Digital Evolution” can be achieved through a process of continuous improvement with four primary phases:Innovate, Create, Run, and Enhance.

cwtc-oval digital-evolution-cycle-mobile

From Concept to Reality – Establishing a Path for Digital Evolution

Digital Evolution doesn’t just happen. It is an ongoing process – a continuous lifecycle. What’s most important is to embrace the philosophy that you never reach an end point, but rather begin the cycle over again for the next iteration.

innovate-5Innovateideate, prioritize, prototype

In this phase, we generate and brainstorm ideas to solve business problems, develop business cases to validate and prioritize positive outcomes, and create concepts and proof-of-concepts to demonstrate technology viability and user experience. 

create-3Createdesign, develop, integrate

In this phase, we validate solution design through interaction with users, build applications in an agile manner, construct the necessary architecture to support production-worthy solutions in the long-term.


run-1Runtest, update, sustain

In this phase, not only do we launch and operate the solution we’ve created, but we continuously test  so we can update applications when needed.

enhance-2Enhanceanalyze, evaluate, refresh

In this phase, we analyze data from actual usage in the field to determine whether our solution is meeting business goals; identify new features and functionality that users need, and prepare to innovate on the next iteration of our solution to protect your investment and keep the software relevant.