Customer Success Stories


"Venado sets themselves apart because they care about their product. They care about their services. They care about the working relationship. It’s not about the buck. It’s not about empty promises. There’s not a gap between sales and delivery. They’re both integrated."

Q Thomas |CFM Materials

"I think Venado Technologies is very good at understanding that a cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. They’re really good at providing mobile expertise how to apply it to reference architecture or existing architecture at an enterprise and identify how to integrate with the mobile platform with the existing technology stack at a company."

Director, Customer Experience Strategy

"Justin (of Venado Technologies) has the technical skills to understand what the market is and what the market can provide."

Former CIO | Utility Company Client

"I think communication is big. I think that’s something that Venado Technologies does really well. I think that their expertise, specifically when we’re talking about mobile, has been really good."

Dwayne Townsend | Large Gas Utility
Manager of Web/Mobile Development