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Venado Technologies Announces Addition of Jim Hilton to Help Deliver Mobile App Training Solutions for Firstline Workforces

Venado Technologies Announces Addition of Jim Hilton to Help Deliver Mobile App Training Solutions for Firstline Workforces

JANUARY 6, 2020, PLANO, TX — Venado Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Hilton to the leadership team as it continues to focus on helping customers solve the critical challenge of technology training and adoption for mobile firstline workforces. Hilton joins as Vice President, Industry Solutions and Alliances, and will be responsible for creating long-term customer and partner relationships that result in successful and impactful mobile initiatives. In his role, Hilton will be a key contributor to the delivery of Venado’s Skyllful digital adoption platform, which helps customers simplify mobile deployments by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of training workers on the technology tools they need for their jobs.

“Jim’s superpower is helping customers get the most out of mobile technology,” said Justin Lake, CEO, and co-founder at Venado Technologies. “Over his career, Jim has helped some of the world’s largest companies not only with the strategies that make mobile solutions transformational for business operations leaders but also with tactics that ensure deployments are successful for workers in the field.”

Having worked in the technology industry for more than 40 years, Hilton brings a unique vision to the real-world use of technology and its powerful advantage in driving customer success to the Venado team. He helps to give organizations the competitive edge they need to simplify operations, know more about their businesses and customers and empower their mobile workers to succeed in today’s data-centric world.

Hilton’s hands-on career in manufacturing and logistics spans route sales, distribution, corporate management and deployment of major mobile technology initiatives. He has held senior roles in customer solutioning, sales, and marketing in several mobile technology companies. Most recently, he was Director of Vertical Marketing Strategy at Zebra Technologies where he was responsible for the company’s global strategy for manufacturing, transportation and logistics. Previously, Hilton was Sr. Director of Manufacturing & Field Mobility for Symbol Technologies/Motorola Solutions prior to its acquisition by Zebra.

Earlier in his career, Hilton was a pioneer of breakthrough technologies, such as automated distribution systems, in route delivery and logistics. He later transitioned to managing, deploying and training on distribution systems across the consumer packaged goods industry. More recently, Hilton has helped organizations demystify emerging mobile and digital technologies to connect goods, assets, people, places and processes to drive business outcomes.

“Jim’s deep experience working with operations executives on their business-critical mobile initiatives makes him a perfect fit for Venado,” said Ralph Hubregsen, COO and co-founder at Venado Technologies. “More importantly, his expertise with large mobile device and application deployments has given him a hands-on understanding of the training and adoption challenges that the Skyllful digital adoption platform solves.”

“Venado’s passion for helping customers solve important business problems with mobile technology is something I’ve been committed to my entire career,” said Hilton. “I’m excited about the opportunity to join Venado Technologies and help our customers drive adoption and engagement of their most critical technologies.”


About Venado Technologies & Skyllful

At Venado Technologies our passion is helping customers solve important business problems through technology. Venado helps business leaders and their most critical firstline workers use technology to make their work easier, better, and safer. Venado’s Skyllful platform provides on-device, on-demand training that helps workers better engage with their mobile applications. Skyllful is the first digital adoption platform that was designed for the mobile workforce: “hands-on training for hands-on workers.”