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Take a Cue From YouTube When it Comes to Training Your Firstline Workers

Effective training for firstline workers is essential. As we explored previously, many companies fail to hit the mark on training their field workers.  Utilizing mobile video is one solution to providing effective training to your field force—this blog explores why you should take a cue from popular...
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5 Mistakes Organizations Make When Training Their Field Workers on Digital Applications

Effective training is essential for the productivity and success of frontline workers. Without it, workers won’t use their digital solutions correctly—or at all—hurting productivity and efficiency throughout the organization. We’re going to explore a few common mistakes organizations make when train...
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Benefits of Digital Training and Adoption Technology for Firstline Workers

Firstline workers are, as the name suggests, the front line employees for many large companies. They can be drivers out making deliveries, technicians in the field making repairs, hospitality staff helping customers, or workers performing any number of other firstline duties. These workers are the l...
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