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MMMM #34: Are You Speaking the Right Language?

MMMM #34: Are You Speaking the Right Language?

Employees may be distrustful of new technology, so use empathy when planning your technology deployments. Human nature says "What's in it for me?"; you need to communicate how new solutions will benefit users as well as solve corporate initiatives. In this Monday Morning Mobile Minute, Justin describes how changing your language can help.

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Video transcript:

At Venado, our passion is solving important business problems through emerging technology, so our customers are normally executive business leaders who are pursuing technology solutions to address key initiatives in their company. These initiatives usually involve improving customer experience, safety, operational efficiency, or some other form of competitive advantage.

In those conversations, we spend a fair amount of time trying to understand the challenges, figure out the current benchmarks, and then determine the success metrics that we can measure when implementing a new solution. So these metrics usually correlate to topics that are primarily discussed in the boardroom, and elsewhere high up in the org chart. They often have broad impact to many stakeholders, including customers, firstline workers, and even other trading partners.

When it comes to implementing the solution for those firstline workers, we have to consider the messaging. And think about how they will interpret these changes. We've all heard the expression WIIFM, or 'what's in it for me?' Maybe it's time we update the expression to ask 'what's this digital evolution have to do with me?'

Many times the initial reaction from the field is that corporate is trying to track our every move. Or they're trying to replace us with technology. In all my years of being around technology for the mobile workforce, these are rarely the objectives of the solution. But if we don't take the time to communicate the benefits for the user, to the user, then human nature takes over, and we assume the worst.

The best solution designs do benefit the user, as well as solving the higher level corporate initiatives. It's important for the success of the project that we share those benefits, to bring those users on board with the broader mission.

So as you plan your technology deployments, use some empathy, and consider how this is going to be perceived by the user, and how we can demonstrate the benefits to them as individuals while at the same time explaining how the company is benefiting overall.

We have lots of info on this and other related topics over at our website. Come check us out, or if you have any specific questions feel free to reach out directly. Thanks for taking the time to watch, and we'll see you again next week.

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