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Size Matters to Us

Size Matters to Us

Venado’s customers tend to be large, multinational companies with thousands of employees. It’s not that we won’t work with smaller companies, but the problems that we aim to solve tend to exist more often at large enterprises. These companies have huge demand for mobile solutions yet struggle to streamline the process for tackling that demand. That’s where our GSD (get sh*t done) mentality seems to help unclog the log-jam.

Since our customers are the largest companies in the world, we find ourselves competing with the largest consultancies in the world. We are often bidding against IBM, Cognizant, PWC and other mid-large consultancies on our engagements. Yet, we are still selected more often than not. While it may seem counter-intuitive, I think our relatively small size plays a part. As leaders at Venado, we obviously aspire to grow the company over time. But we refuse to lose touch with the qualities that make our engagements special. Here are three that I think stand out:

  • We specialize in mobile. We are very comfortable telling our clients what we don't do. There are many IT projects that simply aren’t a good fit for us and we’re A-OK with that. We understand the nuance of mobile in the enterprise and that allows us to add greater value to our clients.
  • You can’t build mobile from a conference room. It seems the large consultancies talk our clients to death about "large scale mobile initiatives” and “digital transformation", but I never (never, ever) hear a story about them spending any time in the field. If you haven’t spent a day in the life of the target user, you WILL spend more time and money trying to get it right. At Venado, we embrace our “field trip” culture and recognize the value those observations play in the overall outcomes we expect to achieve.
  • Devices matter. While we focus on software development, our users will always interact with our software from some mobile device. Treating the device as if it’s an agnostic web browser will limit your success. What are the environmental conditions this device will be used in? Will the user be holding tools or other materials while navigating the app? Will he be wearing gloves? Will she have connectivity? Web and mobile development are VERY different. Understanding these things will save our clients time and money.

There are obviously other factors that make for a good fit between us and our customers and we will explore those in future posts. In the meantime, we'll continue to focus on what we do well. Mobile.

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About Venado Technologies

At Venado Technologies, our passion is helping customers solve important business problems by applying technology the right way. We believe that emerging technologies will continue to change the way work gets done. Venado Technologies helps business leaders and their most critical workers use technology in a way that makes their work easier, better, and safer.

Venado Technologies provides the brainpower and processes to ideate, create, run, and refresh digital experiences where mobile workers connect with the physical world. By bridging the divide between IT and line-of-business demands, Venado strikes a balance between the mobile worker experience and secure, reliable enterprise technology requirements to drive business outcomes.