Introducing VECTOR3 – Looking for Users

Introducing VECTOR3 – Looking for Users

Venado Technologies helps enterprises build mobile applications… smarter, faster, easier by helping them first manage the demand for mobile applications and then execute on the strategies to build applications that offer the most value to the organization.

We’ve recently been talking a lot about a solution we created to help our customers through this demand management process. The solution is called VECTOR3 and here is a quick summary on how it works.

VECTOR3 allows companies to log and organize potential custom applications by entering them as a Project into the system.  Then the software uses advanced algorithms to prioritize “features” of a potential app based on business value, cost, and time to develop.  Once the system has prioritized the features — focused on the greatest net value — administrators can manually drag and drop features into releases that yield the highest value.

VECTOR3 is loaded with tools to help in the mobile app demand management process, such as:

Roles based entry and management screens
A visual representation of all project features on a chart similar to a “magic quadrant”
Priority ranking of features called a Vscore
Change logs that allow administrators to review when changes were made

While we are currently using VECTOR3 to actively help customers manage their mobile application pipeline, we’re also giving demonstrations of the solution to all interested business people. We want honest feedback to help make the solution even better.

So, if you, or someone you know, is responsible for the management and/or delivery of mobile applications inside a large organization, we would like to talk.