How to Prioritize Your Mobile App Projects

How to Prioritize Your Mobile App Projects



How to Prioritize Your Mobile App Projects

Join Kinvey and Venado Technologies and learn how to stop wasting time and money on low-impact mobile apps and features
Why attend? Make smarter, faster decisions:
  • Uncover the highest-value apps based upon projected ROI
  • Easily prioritize and map features to releases
  • Create real ROI for your mobile program with your current resources
Who Should Attend?
  • Business analysts responsible for mobile projects
  • Project managers trying to control scope and cost creep
  • Software Development Leaders who need a new way to communicate with LOB execs on key mobile projects
About The Webinar

The accelerating demand for mobile is leaving IT organizations massively overloaded and underfunded. 

On average, IT organizations are facing:

  • 730% increase in mobile requests
  • Upwards of 20 or more apps in the backlog
  • 37% of the budget spent on unused features, amounting to $30 billion in wasted IT spend

Venado Technologies has developed VECTOR3, the enterprise mobile app decision support solution that provides enterprises with a strategic framework for deciding what applications to deliver, which features and in what order, will deliver the highest business value. Join us for this invaluable webinar to gain insights and a sane and profitable pathway forward for your company.