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Foundations of Venado's Principals

Foundations of Venado's Principals

Learn about the three foundational principals of Venado Technologies in this video blog. Would you like to chat with us more about our work and our company mission? Contact us - we'd love to connect with you!


Video transcript

The three basic pillars of how we go about doing business at Venado Technologies, essentially first one, GSD – get stuff done – and whereas other organizations like ours out there in the marketplace are all about pontificating and coming up with solutions that might sound good on paper or on a PowerPoint presentation. They're not deployable, they're not practical, and in the end, you can't get them done and that's what we do exceptionally well. Second thing is quality. Going back all the way to our roots in the early days, working with the defense intelligence community, working with the US military. You earned the right to do business with those people and you better have your quality act together and that is something that has absolutely steeped into everything we do today. And the last one really has to do with the mentality about having a client for life. We're exceptionally proud of the fact that every one of our clients has brought us on to do additional work after our first project and that's because of everything that we do for them. We make sure that the satisfaction is such that they'll want to bring us back for more.

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About Venado Technologies

At Venado Technologies, our passion is helping customers solve important business problems by applying technology the right way. We believe that emerging technologies will continue to change the way work gets done. Venado Technologies helps business leaders and their most critical workers use technology in a way that makes their work easier, better, and safer.

Venado Technologies provides the brainpower and processes to ideate, create, run, and refresh digital experiences where mobile workers connect with the physical world. By bridging the divide between IT and line-of-business demands, Venado strikes a balance between the mobile worker experience and secure, reliable enterprise technology requirements to drive business outcomes.