About Venado Technologies

At Venado Technologies, our passion is helping customers solve important business problems by applying technology the right way. We believe that emerging technologies will continue to change the way work gets done. Venado Technologies helps business leaders and their most critical workers use technology in a way that makes their work easier, better, and safer. Venado Technologies provides the brainpower and processes to ideate, create, run, and refresh digital experiences where mobile workers connect with the physical world. By bridging the divide between IT and line-of-business demands, Venado strikes a balance between the mobile worker experience and secure, reliable enterprise technology requirements to drive business outcomes.

What We Believe

At Venado Technologies, our passion is helping customers solve business problems by applying technology the right way. We believe that emerging technologies – cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobility, IoT, and others – have changed, and will continue to change, the way work gets done. And while work is changing, there are still people – human beings – who still have jobs to do.

Venado Technologies was founded to help the most critical workers, who we call first-line workers, use technology in a way that makes their work easier, better, and safer. We like to think of ourselves as a company that gets sh*t done for the people who get sh*t done. To us, that means creating amazing digital experiences where workers connect with the physical world around them. 

Who We Are

Venado Technologies was founded in 2009, and in our early years we focused on the ultimate mobile worker –the War Fighter – through a large project with the US Army. As time progressed, we brought our creativity and obsession with the user experience to commercial businesses with large, first-line workforces. The depth of our experiences and track record working with companies in search of help with tech innovation is only part of how we can help our clients.     

Our executive leadership brings more than 80 years combined experience helping enterprise customers and their mobile workers solve both day-to-day business challenges and large strategic initiatives. We began our journey in the digital world when pagers were worn on belts, cell phones weren’t smart, and mobile computers were mounted in vehicles – but these tools were still important for front-line workers to get the job done and helped our clients maximize their experiences.    

As the technology has evolved, so has our passion for applying emerging technologies to help our customers. We are people who can walk the first-line worker walk and talk the IT talk. Meaning we understand the needs of businesses and the challenges IT staff face when delivering on those needs. And we are always looking toward the horizon, so we can deliver solutions for our customers that aren’t just about a point in time, but where the present anticipates the future.  

Who We Work With

Our focus is working with customers who: 

  • Have large first-line workforces
  • Are looking to solve problems that deliver clear business outcomes – no science projects.
  • Need help addressing the complexity of emerging technology deployments at the intersection of IT and OT 
  • Believe they can achieve more by accelerating the adoption of emerging technology
  • Understand that success involves close collaboration between line-of-business and IT 

Our Commitment to You

At Venado Technologies, our core values are the foundation upon which we help customers achieve success. We believe in accountability, creating impactful engagements, acting with urgency to deliver, thinking creatively and resourcefully to solve your problems, and developing relationships that yield customers for life. With that in mind, we make the following commitments to our customers: 

  • We will deliver solutions that achieve clear business outcomes – 100% guaranteed.
  • We will never design solutions solely from a conference room.
  • We will deliver practical solutions that work for your business but aren’t just about a point in time; instead, they’ll be where the present anticipates the future. 
  • We will GSD – Get Sh*t Done!


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