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Founded 2009

Who is Venado?

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How We Do It
   We are a nimble team of technology professionals and operate with a GSD (get sh*t done) mentality. We often create pilots, proof of concepts or use our proprietary solution for breaking very large projects into deployable phases.
Our services include Application Development, Consulting, Training and Enablement and Strategic Staffing.
We partner with market leading software companies, developing teams of highly competent, experienced technology professionals to support our customers' unique needs. 
Technology Partners 
Alliance Partners 
Who We Do It With
A few of our customers... 
Enterprise Mobile Strategy Consulting
An efficient infrastructure is the foundation of the Venado Technologies business model. Emphasizing the 5 components of a successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy, we help large organizations plan, design, develop and deliver business critical mobile applications focused on speed, efficiency and cost effective practices. 
Venado is Different
We have a mobile-centric focus, emphasizing discovery and design in the field vs from the conference room.     

We don’t just build apps, we implement programs to help scale the process of building apps.     

We enable our clients to work towards independence so they need us less over time.

What's Happening at Venado Technologies?

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Venado Culture

Venado and Xamarin

Commonly Requested Services
  1. Staff Augmentation
    Staff Augmentation
    Our people, working with your people to get things done
  2. Consulting
    We can help you create an infrastructure that allows you to build mobile applications...Smarter, Faster, Easier
  3. Training
    Basic Training, Mentoring, Advanced Enablement and Special Ops are terms we use to describe the training offerings from Venado
  4. Custom Mobile Application Development
    Custom Mobile Application Development
    We are experts at building custom mobile applications for enterprises
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~ ​Founded 2009 ~
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